Extraordinary, Everyday Barossa

NEWS: This little project has just won the Economic Development Australia Awards “Best Promotion & Marketing Campaign” Award 2016!!! Wow!

The Barossa region of South Australia is a unique place, most famous for its celebrated wines and as a holiday destination. But there’s much more to the region than wine & tourism.

The people there have a real connection with the earth, the weather, food and a huge reliance on each other & their community. It makes it a very special place, and is what underpins the whole structure of the region.

This project was undertaken discover the people that make The Barossa tick, the everyday people that do extraordinary things in their day to day life. It’s what really makes the place unique.

The underlying reason why people move to, live in and love the Barossa? Not wine, not food, not the landscape (although all of these figure greatly in their thinking) but community! The way people support you, the way you can ask anyone for help and the way the whole region is linked together by daily interactions. Within these interviews, many taken at random, there was always a connection to at least 2 or 3 of the other people interviewed. This is what the people of the Barossa love the most about where they live.

Below are a series of sound slides, interviews and photos of some incredible people, all going about their lives in an extraordinary, everyday way. We hope you find them fascinating and enlightening, and find a new depth to the beautiful region that is The Barossa.

This project is ongoing. The time I spent in Barossa meant I recorded and photographed over 20 such interviews. They will be updates weekly as I edit them. Chris Sands

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